Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hey, here was last week's playlist (5/24/03)

Band-Song Title
1. The Apples in Stereo-Avril en Mai
2. Electrocute-I Love my Daddy
3. Mates of State-What I Could Stand For
4. Make Up- Tell it like a Version
5. Erase Errata- Marathon
6. The Stone Roses- She Bangs the Drums
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Y Control
8. Antoine- Les Elucruations
9. Manic Hispanic- Trippin' on my Ruca
10. Senor Coconut-Electrolatino
11. DJ Cheb i Sabbah-Kese Kese
12. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead- All Saints Day
13. The Flesh-Death Connection
14. Astrud- Stop me if you think you've heard this one before (Smiths cover)
15. Death Cab for Cutie-This Charming Man (Smiths cover)
16. Supergrass-Some girls are bigger than others (Smiths cover)
17. Swirlies-One Light Flashing, I Love you
18. The Postal Service-Sleeping in
19. Face to Face-What difference does it make (Smiths cover)
20. Neon King Kong- Mix up the mix
21. Therapy-Vicar in a Tutu (Smiths cover)
22. Mekons-Dear Sausage *intern request*
23. Rufio-Above Me *intern request*
24. Youth Brigade-What She Said
25. Leo Garcia-Morrissey
26. Modest Mouse-From point A to B *request*
27. Boards of Canada-An Eagle in My Mind

thats it folks, stay tuned next week for some more rockin' tunes as we spin on the airwaves every saturday from 6-8 pm. Ciao!

Your dj,

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Hey everyone!
UCI sports has once again robbed us from our precious air time, but we look forward to the weekends when we can play some good tunes for you bad mothers...
There have been some good released and shows coming up so let me tell you whats goin' down!

Here are a list of shows coming up that you might want to check out:
May 10- -X- @ House of Blues, of Anaheim
May 13- TV Eyes w/Mount Sims @ the Troubador
May 16- The Rapture, Moving Units @ the Glasshouse, Pomona
May 16- Sharp Ease w/ the Wives, Very Be Careful, So Damn Insane @ Juvee, Santa Monica
May 22nd - The Starvations w/ Pleasure Forever and Starlite Desperation @ the Smell, Los Angeles or Pomona (?)
May 23: Los Abandoned w/ Juguete @ Fais Do-Do
May 24- American Psychobilly Festival @ the Glasshouse, Pomona
May 31- The Ashbury @ Club Addiction, Downey
June 6- Buzzcocks @ the El Rey Theater
June 7- Squab w/ the Main Frame @ the Scene Bar, Glendale *free*
June 9- the Swirlies @ Spaceland *free*
June 19- Ima Robot @ the Troubador
July 4- Radio Vago, Minus the Bear, Communique @ the Troubador
July 18: Le Tigre @ the Glasshouse, Pomona
July 20-22: !!!, and you will know us by the trail of dead, The Bangs, Black Heart Procession, Blonde Redhead, Melt Banana, Mission to Burma, Mogwai, Yo La Tengo, Cornelius, Le Tigre @ All Tomorrows Parties (Henry Fonda Theater, the Palace, the Hollywood Palladium)
July 26- The Kills @ the Troubador
August 11- Bjork @ the Hollywood Bowl
September 5- -X- @ San Diego Street Scene, San Diego

thats the list for now, more to be posted soon. ciao!

Your very own DJ,

Monday, April 14, 2003

Hey folks!

Tune into Socks and Sandals April 19th, for we will have special guests in studio, the Fictions! They will play a live set and also play their favorite tunes. I also heard they are all going to wear Socks and Sandals to the show (ooh la la!) If you want to check them out, go to their website (

Also, coming sometime in the future...Los Abandoned!!!

More news! Your very own co-host Enid has formed a band with fellow KUCI DJ Ziba Z....Cebollitas Bonitas! All-girl Spanish synthpop...y que?
To check us out, cut and paste this link:

Stay tuned for more news on new releases, shows, protests, etc etc.
Playlists coming soon in the near future...don't worry, we promise!!!

Love your hosts,
Enid and Lydia

Saturday, March 08, 2003

yo lydia here to let u know what u heard in today's show! and also join our yahoo group at! after this, i'mma play some super nintendo. word up.

1. The Blood Thirsty Lovers - Telepathic
2. The Datsuns - Sittin' Pretty
3. The Burnside Project - He Never Knew the Benefits of Caffine
4. The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
5.The Bad Plus - Smells Like Teen Spirit
6. The Others - Latest Rendition
7. Vikter Duplaix - I Got You
8. The Jigsaw Seen - Baby Elephant Walk
9. Pretty Mighty Mighty - 10 Minutes
10. The Land of Nod - A Sequence of Speed
11. The Atari Star - Tinfoil + Twine

thanks for listening!

Sunday, March 02, 2003

lydia here. i just created a yahoo groups thing for our show. if u r interested in joining and learning more stuff about the show, go to it's still "under construction" so don't get disappointed if there isn't much there. but show some socks and sandals love and join anyway! thanks
peace out,

Saturday, March 01, 2003

allo: so we were bashed by old people in the beginning of our show. das COLD! but we r ok, they r cool old people b/c they were dj's here at kuci during kuci's past. they helped make the station what it is today. so thank you! and again, we still have basketball as usual. so here's the playlist

1. Kinski - Rhode Island Freakout
2. Radio Vago - Sophomore
3. Aterciopelados - Rompecabezas
4. The Meds - I'm Okay
5. Atom and His Package (wink!) - Mustache T.V.
6. Rainer Maria - Long Knives
7. Orbient - Boarding

Saturday, February 22, 2003

to our listeners: yo homies, thanks for listening again this week! we had a short but great show and we played a lot of new stuff and also bands that will b playing at that little concert out in indio, coachella i think it's called....well, here's our playlist!

1. Radio Vago - Sophmore
2. Fischerspooner - Emerge
3. Dinky - White Lie
4. The Eskimos - The Rodgening
5. Warsaw - Failures
6. X-Ray Spex - Warrior in Wolworths
7. The Undertakers - Recession
8. Aterciopelados - Chica Diricil
9. Late Night Television - My Life as a Bad Movie and an Even Worse Soundtrack
10. Cafe Tacuba - ? (from their Yo Soy album)
11. Stereototal - Kleptomane
12. Groove Armada - Lovebox