Saturday, January 11, 2003

UPDATE: yo loyal listeners. it's good to be back for a third quarter at the same time slot! we would like to thank our wonderful program director who makes this possible...look forward to more one hour shows because of basketball until march. so if you want to make any requests please call A.S.A.P. start making your plans to request....right now! we won't be able to answer your calls during the games so don't procrastinate! make your DJs happy :)

Playlist for January 11, 2003
1. Kinski - Rhode Island Freakout
2. Encre - Nocturnes
3. Stereo Total - Ma Radio
4. Calla - Strangler
5. El Otro Yo - 10,000,000
6. The Softies - Sleep Away Your Troubles
7. Heavenly - Space Manatee
8. Aisler Set - Attraction Action Reaction (from the Charm soundtrack)
9. Control Machete - Cameleon
10. Circle of Birds - Circle of Birds (from the Circle of Birds EP)