Saturday, January 18, 2003

UPDATE: lydia here. enid isn't here tonight b/c her man is getting his black belt. so congrats to him! but we still are doing basketball and we probably will be for a while...but here's today's playlist. be sure to dl as much of it as possible! Thanks for listening everyone!

Playlist for January 18, 2003
1. Circle of Birds - Old Ironside
2. Encre - Find Another One
3. Gift Machine - A Bad Thing Worse
4. Pete Krebs - Kid Domino
5. Late Night Television - My Life As a Bad Movie and an Even Worse Soundtrack
6. The Feud - N'finite Rug
7. The Red + the Black - Three Degrees
8. Longwave - Day Sleeper
9. Meat Beat Manifesto - Spinning Round
10. Inner - Can't Sit Still
11. Pikadori - Mission Statement