Saturday, January 25, 2003

UPDATE: yeah, we still have basketball. so let's talk about other shit. here's free shows that u may want to check out: a fairly unknown band called coldplay from across the pond will be performing on sun. after the super bowl. we recommend coming early for some reason they r making a big deal about this band coming in and even closing hollywood blvd. i can't imagine y. they will be in front of the el capitan. do NOT drive there, carpool, walk, take the metro, skateboard, skoot on your razor scooter, just don't drive. and another free show, this monday at usc's ground zero piebald, minus the bear, and my chemical romance will be there for FREE at 7 in the p.m. so now for the playlist....

Playlist for January 25, 2003
1. The Shadows - The Strangler
2. The Swans - Swan Lake
3. Larry Collins - Whistle Bait
4. La Gusana Ciega - El Nino Elefante
5. The Sea and Cake - Four Corners
6. The Clean - Billy Two
7. Piebald - King of the Road
8. Minus the Bear - Women We Haven't Met Yet
9. Art of Fighting - Give Me Tonight
10. The Cadets-Wye Town and New Design
11. Fablefactory-Banana Pie
12.Bis-Grand Royale with Cheese