Saturday, February 01, 2003

update: hey listeners! thanks to all the people that called our show. we know how to hook a homie up. anyway, more and more and more basketball so less socks and sandals. but its the best damn quality show we can give, and we can do it without headphones! so here's the playlist for this week:

Playlist for February 1, 2003
1. International Noise Conspiracy-Bigger Cages, Lower Chains
2. Bill Doggett-Tighten Up
3. the Sea and Cake-Hotel Tell
4. Nick Cave-Rainy Night in Soho
5. Inner-Slither
6. International Noise Conspiracy-A Textbook Example
7. Great Lakes-Consquistador
8. Tracy + the Plastics-Best of the 70's, 80's, and 90's
9. The Put-Ons- Get Over It
10. Tracy + the Plastics-Dog
11. Wire- 12XU
12. Tugboat Fantastical-I'll Stick Around for You
13. Telepopmusik-Breathe

remember to request at (949) 824-5824, (949) UCI-KUCI or IM us at "lydiaatkuci"
peace out!

your djs,
enid & lydia