Saturday, February 08, 2003

a note to oiur listeners: so besides our kickass music selection for today, we addressed a serious issue: police brutality. on january 26, 2003 javier quezada jr. was shot 15 times by an officer in the pasadena police department. he was just 22 years old. the incident took place at a mental hospital where he was to receive medication for his condition and he was holding on to his mother, nervous and scared. the receptionist at las encinas hospital, where he was receiving treatment, called the police for some reason....anyway, an officer came to the hospital and ordered javier to get away from his mother and he started to run away. he was then shot 5 times. after falling to the floor, he recovered and got up again but was shot an additional 10 times. so that's the story.
here's how the media glazes over the story:
link to fight against police brutality:
for more info on how you can help, contact andy from the ashbury, at or call him up 626-379-8497
here's a link to the ashbury site: there is even a picture of javier.
take home message: be aware, take action, know what is going on in your community, don't let other people that you know be victims of police brutality. word.

Playlist for February 8, 2003
1. Groover Armada - Purple Haze (wink!)
2. V.A. - Callisto (from the Chillout Adventures in Leisure EP)
3. The Clean - Platypus
4. Enon - In This City
5. Marie Queenie Lyons - Fever
6. Deke Dickerson- Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes
7. The Clientele - Saturday (for Javier)
8. Encre- Find Another One
9. Sciene of Life - Hot Bananas (from Mushroom Jazz 4)
10. Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner

please join us next week for more music and we will be addressing ardem's (less serious) issue of handwashing.